Monday, October 13, 2014

Goodereads Giveaway Winners announced

If you signed up for a chance to win one of my picture books through the Goodreads Giveaway program, Thank You.  I was offering 4 copies each of both picture books and I was overwhelmed by how many people thought they looked interesting enough to go through the hoops required to sign up. 1727 people total. Unfortunately there could be only 8 winners.  I wish I could afford to share more now, as I think of each copy out there in the worlds a hard working ambassador, teaching kids to love books and telling the world to look at what else I have written.

 For the Rainbows Around Us book of colors

The Winners are

Kathryn D. of Merseyside GB
Wheeler C. of Espanola NM
Arvinder S. of West Midlands, BG
Jan B. of Everett, WA

And the winners for Moonrise are

Alan B. of West Sussex GB
Kkritika V. of Haryana India
Greg D. of West Midlands GB
Christina D. of Hamilton, New York

Again, Thanks to all who participated and spread the word.  Now hoping for at least a couple book reviews posted.  Fingers Crossed.