Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Grey Whale Watching and Klamath Jet Boat Riding

Have to show my books again :)

Love this puppy

Grey Mom Whale in Klamath River
This week I did not write, except I also did not feel guilty.  Publishing a book will ease the guilt for at least a few weeks!  Also, we usually drive 3,000 miles every summer, visiting family.  This time they came to visit us and we did the tourist thing right here on our own coast.  That turned out to be perfect as a mom and calf Grey Whale also came to visit and stayed in the klamath River since June 24.
Lots of youTube videos about Klamath whales

We went on the Klamath Jet boat tour which allowed us to see the whales, but also fawns, seals, river otter, pelicans, and eagles and osprey galore.

People lining bridge to see whale

Bald Eagle


Spinning the Klamath Jet Boat

Whale spouting

Sea Stack on Cape Sebastion

We also did some beach walking with my sister-in-law while others went fishing, and we do have lovely beaches, usually cold and windy, but the weather was gifting us with one of the rare calm, warm days of the summer.

Tide pool

Harbor seal at Ocean World
We  went to the small, local aquarium, "Ocean World"   It used to be "Undersea World" but the giant "Sea World" sued and made them change their name.  They are small but let you pet their leopard sharks and tide pool creatures and they have some fascinating creatures.  They survived our March Tsunami even though the harbor they draw water from was demolished.
Sea lion

The Husband and I

Just so you know, the writer part of me was only recharging.  I have to remind you that there are two Duffy Barkley novels available, in paperback or for your kindle.

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  1. This all looks so fun - looking forward to seeing some of this in a couple week!

  2. I can't wait, or I couldn't if I was so reluctant to wish away even one day of summer. OK, I'll wait.