Thursday, August 9, 2012

Double Time begins for me

I have not been subtle about the fact that I have just published my first book in a new series about conversations across time via a magic lap desk which allows people in similar situations to see each others journals and small treasures even though centuries may exist between them.  The Double Time, series begins with two 15 year old girls traveling the Oregon Trail 152 years apart.

 This one takes place in many of the areas I have traveled with my own children, so revisiting those memories was fun for me.  I hope it will be fun for the middle school readers who I have in mind as the "target audience."  The girls in the book are 15, but I know our students study the Oregon Trail in 4th and 5th grades so I kept the writing simple and the print large.

To find the book on kindle use the link above

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Now I am working on my third Duffy Barkley book, It is CampNanoWriMo August after all, and I did promise a few fans I'd do at least 50,000 words this month.  TeeHee, I actually have a few fans now, asking.  So I do that but also I am thinking about where to send the Double Time Desk next - Jazz era New Orleans, Ancient Egypt, Revolutionary America or ???

Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog.  You are appreciated.

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