Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bookworm blog by Lubna in India Reviewed my Book

Self picture taken when I first finished a NaNoWriMo Novel

 Once again I discover the truth that there are beautiful and good people everywhere in the world.  One of the kindest I have come to believe is a blogger named Lubna from India.  She supports Indie writers and the idea that all school children should have books to read.  When an indie author contacts her and she agrees to read a copy of their book, she doesn't promise a good review, but she does promise two things
 1. her honest opinion with some positives about the book, and
 2. to pass the book on to a school.

 Three times I have sent her the books I began on NaNoWriMo in their November is Novel Writing Month program and three times she has amazed me with beautifully written reviews.
 The most recent was one I saw yesterday, which includes a short interview with me.  It is about my book about the Oregon Trail, and being schooled in India, that was not a topic she had studied much.  I wondered how it had read to her, and was relieved that she still followed the story easily.  Of course I was writing for middle school students so the writing is not complex but some of the ideas are.

 What I loved was the fact that I have two girls in my book, and the girl from 1850 is terrified of "Indians" and lives in fear of ending up massacred o the trip.  The girl from 2002is part "Native American." Th book reviewer from India called the term "Native Indian" and I realized that she may not get the current American concern over which terms are "Politically correct" but I love the blending because it speaks to one of my key points in the book, that regardless of era or race, we are all blended together and share similar needs and desires and hopes and fears.  We need to learn that we need each other for our differences and love each other for the ways we are the same.

My Great Grandma Emma Belle Lafferty Slack

Me and Dad and my brothers in Yellowstone

Lubna's review can be read at
  and I hope that you take the time to stop by and leave a comment.

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