Sunday, August 11, 2013

I'm a Winner, Thank You, Betty Dravis

Betty kindly chose my Duffy Barkley Series as her Favorite Tween Series in her Act 3 of the Betty Awards.

She read the first book and reviewed it very kindly in January of 2012, and I was trilled with the award but even more honored that she still remembered my books after 18 months.

Betty’s review

And while I am at it, let me link again to two other reviews of these books from Lubna, in India

I still remember Betty's Books and have read and reviewed three of them 
and have enjoyed reading her stories of the many interesting people in and out of her life. 

She has met famous people and written Toon fantasy, and written interviews, and written horror, and written about her family, and written a ton of reviews. 

You should honestly check out Betty Dravis' Author Page on Amazon

And now, let me again say Thank you to Betty, 
and then I have to get back to writing, 
Duffy has a third book at 58,000 words and needs me to follow after him and take notes

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