Monday, December 16, 2013

After NaNoWriMo comes December

 You may have noticed that it has been awhile since I updated anything about my writing progress.  Hmmm.  That may be because there really hasn't been any progress to update about.  After the intensity of meeting a daily word count goal for the month, it was tempting to take a few days off to recover.  Then I got into the December Holidays and putting up a tree and going to concerts and writing was more about writing a Christmas letter and addressing Christmas Cards.
  And I started rereading my old Christmas letters and realized how faded and yellow the pages had become.  Then I started adding those letters to the things I wanted to save in my other blog.  Echo's Voice is less about writing and more just about the random people and places and events and thoughts of the moment.  o this December I have been retyping the letters from the early '90's and revisiting a time before children when travel was a big part of my life.
 At first I felt guilty for letting my novels just sit, but I realize it happens every December. Family and friends get to take center stage and the novels get to sit in the dark and age like a fine cheese.
So I love Christmas.  I am going to enjoy it and hope that you do too.  Merry Christmas!  If you don't Celebrate Christmas, of course just take the wishes that you have joy with loved ones for yourself.

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