Saturday, June 30, 2012

About Time - Double Time On The Oregon Trail

I am pleased to say, that after working on this little book for around 14 years, it has finally been published on Kindle for $3.99 or for $11 in paperback.  The kindle version is available now at

 and the paperback is available now as well from CreateSpace.

or on Amazon at

If you have been following this site, then you know the book is written for those students in middle school who are studying the Oregon trail and have developed an interest.  I just want to re-state that so no-one is disappointed at finding the print larger and the story simpler than they expected.

The past and present meet on the Oregon Trail when two girls travel the same trail with the same lap desk 152 years apart. 
Kenyon is traveling in 2002 from Pittsburgh to Salem, OR. Her mother is pregnant and staying behind to close escrow on the house and then flying west to join the family. Kenyon; her 5 year old sister, Melissa and her father are in a Dodge Caravan, with a trailer hitch. Her Grandfather has given her a plain, black polished ebony wooden lap desk lined with a scented wood that still smells faintly of cedar. The box is filled with thick, creamy paper, envelopes, a calling card, a hand mirror, pens and pencils and a small Swiss army knife, postage and an electronic address book. Her Grandfather is not moving with them but plans have been made for him to fly out in December for a visit. Kenyon strongly resents being expected to entertain Melissa at the motels in the evenings. Her father has decided to take the long way and show his girls some of the wonders of this country and Melissa is excited but Kenyon is determined to not have any fun.
Traveling in 1850, Della, age 15, has already traveled from Northern Illinois to St. Louis, then a week by steamboat on the Missouri river. She stopped in Independence, MO to prepare for the journey and meet with the wagon train. She left behind her 60 year old grandmother who feels too old to attempt the trip, but who gave her a gift of a wooden lap desk. The desk is filled with paper, a small mirror, wooden handled pens with steel nibs, a metal letter opener, hair pins and a small sewing kit. Her younger brother, Orville, her father, and her pregnant mother are traveling with her. She has been asked to teach the younger children around the campfire in the evenings.
What happens when they open the desk to see the other girls journal?


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