Friday, June 15, 2012

Books On My Shelves, Review

This time I just feel so incredibly blessed to have a fellow blogger, all the way over in India, read my book and feature it on her book review blog

I need to say that she did a very thorough and flattering review and that she participates in a very cool program where she collects books to donate to a school, so not only did she read and review my books but she is making sure that they get into the hands of students in India.

Please check out her blog, and if you feel so moved, leave her a comment or send her books for her school project.  Many Many thanks

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  1. Dear Dixie,
    You write from the heart and my review was just a reflection of the goodness contained in this book. I already have my blog readers asking about the book and one of them has even posted that she is buying both the books - this one, and the previous one, viz: Duffy Barkley is not a Dog.
    Thanks for mentioning about the school project. Authors can even directly ship to this school. The details are on the side bar of my blog, with contact details of the school available.
    Else, I am always ready to review and pass on the book post a review. I also post a review on GoodReads with a link back to my blog.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Best regards,