Thursday, August 10, 2017

Summer Reading Program

 I should have been writing this summer, but the last book I wrote was still my Redwoods book. Instead of writing, I have been traveling From the OR/CA Border Pacific Coast, to visit family in DC and then we had company visit us here and spent a lot of days playing in the Redwoods, exploring the lighthouse and the sea animals.
 Then I had to rip old, ugly carpeting out of my room, and while doing that, thin out the books crowding my bedroom library. The granddaughter thought I should keep all the books and just not put a bed back in. She assured me her dolly said the floor was comfortable to sleep on.
 but her grandpa assured me a bed was necessary so she was out-voted.
 I did keep the first books I ever wrote
 and I took the granddaughter to arts and crafts at our local library to convince both of us that we don't have to OWN every book to be able to enjoy them.

the books I got rid of
The Virdi Goode reading picnic

But of course I got new books. Three books by R. R. Virdi, with lots of super supernatural encounters, mystery, mayhem and adventure joined my own novels and picture books for a pleasant afternoon under the maple tree.


  1. "to convince both of us that we don't have to OWN every book to be able to enjoy them."
    That made me laugh! I have some of the same problem, but I'm working on it. As I clean out the bookshelves, I'm trying to apply my brother's rubric:
    a) does it have a sentimental value?
    b) will I ever read it again?
    c) is it readily available in libraries or digital form?

    If the answer A is yes, you keep it. If B is yes, then you only keep it if C is no. If B is no, you don't keep it, even if C is also no. It's harsh, and I probably will have quite a few books that get saved via question A, but it should help with a lot of the others. It's the ones I haven't yet read that will give me trouble.

    1. I find that another, unsuspected criteria has popped into my 50 + life, even if I love it is the font big enough for my aging eye to reread? There are some I save for the grandkids, so possibly will someone else read it saves a few.