Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Linking to Myself :)

Several Times lately, I have had people ask me for links to the connections where my books and I can be found, So I decided that I need to do a post with some find Dixie Goode and her books links.  As usual I wanted to sprinkle my blog with pictures, because I am a Words & Pictures kind of person.  I wonder, if my major role in life isn't to observe how beautiful things seem to me, and then record those observations in my writing, my photographs and my paintings.  I love being alive in this wonderful world, even though I have to play around in fantasy and try to create a world of my own, at the same time I am loving this one.
Soon it will be Valentine's Day
and this looks like a Valentine being traced in the sky

Dixie Goode
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Redgage (pictures and links)  
createspace Duffy Barkley Paperback book 1
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View From Crescent City's pebble Beach Drive

Welcome To Pt. St. George

 So we have had a lot of grey, windy, stormy days, and been so cold that even with the wood stove going full tilt, the house is chilly.  Then we had last weekend, windless, blue skied and lovely.  The old Road to the beach was still saturated as we walked down it.

But the birds, and the people came out to play in the sun

The tide uses small stones to drill holes in larger ones 

Pt. St. george Reef Lighthouse
 When there is no way to get to the beach, and the storm is slashing down, then I have ways to find serenity in my home too, and the gold and black goldfish are there to bring soothing calmness.
Gazing down at my aquarium

Mt. McLaughlin by Medford, Or


  1. Sigh...I want to come visit you again. Or even come live near you!!!

  2. Iy is beautiful when the sun shines, and WET and Chilly the rest of the time. There is a reason I have a Solar Free Zone T-Shirt. 97.2 inches of rain last year. But you are always welcome You know.